Premier, Inc.’s PINC AI Applied Sciences (PAS) and TFS HealthScience Announce Partnership

Dec. 13, 2023
The partnership aims to speed up global clinical trials

On Dec. 12, Premier, Inc.’s PINC AI Applied Sciences (PAS) and TFS HealthScience announced via a press release a collaboration to accelerate global clinical trials and research innovation, improve patient outcomes and reduce health disparities.

The press release states that “The partnership will combine TFS’ capabilities, systems and clinical development expertise with PAS’ AI-enabled technology and comprehensive healthcare database. The collaboration will help expedite site and patient enrollment, reduce trial costs, accelerate the journey to commercialization, and ensure equitable access to groundbreaking medical solutions across diverse patient populations.”

That said, “Eighty percent of all trials face premature termination or significant delays due to recruitment challenges – and marginalized populations, including Black and Hispanic individuals, remain historically underrepresented.”

The collaboration will leverage real-word data and AI-enabled tools from PAS.

Premier has the press release.