Synthesis Wall-Hung Cabinetry helps reduce risk of stress and strain injuries for caregivers

Jan. 6, 2022

Midmark Corp. has introduced its Synthesis Wall-Hung Cabinetry that they report can improve ergonomic reach and visibility while helping enhance storage efficiency and infection prevention.

The new Midmark line features base and tall cabinets that better position the most-used areas of storage for easier reach by physicians and staff. Main benefits of the new line include:

  • The lower upper height and thinner depth of the cabinets improve access to storage with less reach and lean required.
  • The use of gravity-fed, angled flow shelving improves visibility and access to supplies, even for items stored toward the back of the cabinet.
  • The wall-hung cabinetry frees floor space for better cleaning and disinfecting, allowing better wall-to-wall cleaning and disinfection in high traffic areas and treatment spaces.

“Clinical work is demanding and can be physically strenuous. Healthcare workers are three times as likely to suffer from work-related injuries than construction workers. And although most healthcare workers today are female, the typical cabinetry and storage they use was not designed for them,” said Kurt Forsthoefel, director of medical marketing, Midmark. “Midmark Synthesis Wall-Hung Cabinetry incorporates ergonomic principles and is designed for how caregivers interact with cabinetry in the medical space, creating a better caregiver experience at the point of care.”

The Synthesis Wall-Hung Cabinetry is part of the Midmark Synthesis Cabinetry Collection that includes base storage cabinets, overhead cabinets, mobile treatment cabinets and specialty cabinets. The collection offers multiple styling options to create a unique look and feel.

Midmark release