CloroxPro and Project for Public Spaces launch placemaking partnership

Nov. 21, 2019

CloroxPro announced a partnership with non-profit Project for Public Spaces that will help advance its mission to improve public health by connecting individuals and empowering them to thrive as a community at the ISSA Show North America 2019 annual conference.

CloroxPro and Project for Public Spaces will help create spaces and programs where people can share experiences and build relationships to improve well-being, public health, social connections and economic opportunity within their local community.

Research has shown that encouraging social interaction, community building, and civic engagement within a public space yields important physical and mental health benefits including a greater sense of belonging, increased physical activity and reduced rates of depression and psychological distress.

“Our commitment to public health dates back more than a century and our mission is to reduce the burden of illness by creating healthy, clean spaces where people come together — as neighbors, colleagues and friends — to thrive as a community,” says Brad Ferris, Director of Brand Engagement and Vertical Marketing at CloroxPro. “But, we know that public health is not just about preventing illnesses. It is also about protecting and improving the health of people and their communities. That is why we are proud to partner with Project for Public Spaces as part of our ongoing efforts to foster connections, enable community and protect public health.”

Together with local communities, CloroxPro and Project for Public Spaces will work collaboratively to identify and address community needs in a process known as “placemaking.” Placemaking is a community-based process that empowers people to reimagine and reinvent public spaces around the specific needs and desires of the community as a whole.

“CloroxPro enables the creation of healthier public spaces where communities can thrive, which is what Project for Public Spaces is all about,” says Phil Myrick, CEO of Project for Public Spaces. “We’re excited to leverage the power of placemaking in partnership with CloroxPro and the professional cleaning community to create spaces where people can come together and encourage social interaction, community building and civic engagement within a public space.”

CloroxPro has the announcement.