Healthcare credentialing consortium increases resources

June 10, 2021

The Consortium for Universal Healthcare Credentialing, Inc. (C4UHC) announced a new C4UHC website that is designed to provide the tools and information needed to facilitate widespread adoption of the newly revised and updated SC 1-2020 American National Standard for Supplier Credentialing in Healthcare.

C4UHC provides guidance to enable consistent, cost-effective and compliant credentialing of all representatives working in healthcare facilities in the United States. The public pages offer information about the history and purpose of the organization, current activities, news and other published information, resources for healthcare industry stakeholders, and the opportunity to contact the organization or inquire about membership. The secured member site provides 24/7 access to C4UHC goals, organizational documents, guidance and standards, meeting minutes, templates, and other resources designed to facilitate C4UHC functions. Additional interactive member enhancements and tools are planned for the future and will be determined by their value to members.

Mickey Kaufman, executive director, stated, “We have fundamentally changed our structure so that more stakeholders can be involved and have updated our website to be a user-friendly resource for the healthcare industry and C4UHC members. It now provides an ongoing archive of valuable documents, guidance and information while also serving as an interactive space for bringing our remote members together to advance the work of the organization.”

Consortium for Universal Healthcare Credentialing, Inc. has the release.