Intermountain Healthcare launches long COVID navigation program for ‘long haulers’

Feb. 16, 2022

Intermountain Healthcare announced they have launched a new medical resource for Utahns who’re considered “long haulers” – people who have tested positive for coronavirus who continue to experience chronic symptoms months after their recovery from the virus.

Intermountain doctors outlined the new Intermountain Healthcare Long COVID Navigation Program and how it will serve as a resource for Utahns at a press briefing on Monday, February 14, 2022.

The program is designed to help triage resources and care for COVID patients in Utah who have experienced ongoing COVID symptoms for 12 weeks or longer. Based on a patient’s condition, symptoms, and acuity, they’ll be referred to a specialist who can follow up and address their ongoing medical issues.

Some studies and surveys with patients show that between 30–50% of people infected with COVID continue to have bothersome symptoms for months, even though the virus is no longer in their bodies.

Based on those figures, researchers estimate that 100 million people worldwide have experienced lingering health concerns or are still reporting problems following a COVID infection and can be considered COVID Long Haulers.

Intermountain release

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