Premier urging Congress to continue relief for providers as session nears end

Nov. 21, 2022

Premier sent a letter to Congressional leaders calling on Congress to protect patient access to care by addressing the intense financial pressures facing providers and several pending end-of-year payment cuts that threaten providers’ ability to remain operational across the country. Underscoring the need to provide a minimum of two years of relief from these cuts, Premier called on Congress to:

·        Waive the statutory PAYGO cut;

·        Extend the Medicare Dependent Hospital (MDH) program and Low Volume Hospital (LVH) adjustment;

·        Prevent the 3 percent reduction to Physician Fee Schedule reimbursement; and

·        Extend the 5 percent Medicare bonus for participation in Advanced Alternative Payment Models.

In addition, Premier urged Congress to address other critical bipartisan and bicameral policies that would close gaps in healthcare access and improve the delivery of care.

Premier release