Lumere introduces enhanced physician-level analytics to advance clinical supply chains

June 23, 2020

Lumere, Inc. announced newly-expanded, physician-level analytics capabilities as part of its Category Optimization solution. The integrated solution enables clinical and administrative leaders to better identify variation among device selection and make evidence-based decisions to balance the cost and quality of care delivered. 

Lumere’s Category Optimization solution organizes and classifies more than 45 physician preference item categories across more than eight service lines, including spine, cardiac services, neurology, orthopedics, other surgical services and nursing. The solution compares clinically- and functionally- similar products based on evidence and data, uncovering savings and opportunities to improve outcomes. 

“While COVID-19 has put significant financial pressure on hospitals, it has also created more strategic and lasting partnerships between supply chain and clinicians,” said Bonnie Lai, PhD, vice president, product & operations, Lumere. “Physician-level analytics help supply chain professionals provide the data needed to support conversations around device selection, use and managing unwarranted variation. This supports greater collaboration between clinical and administrative teams, allowing them to maintain a patient first approach, while optimizing clinical costs.” 

Benefits include: 

·       Physician utilization analyses provide data for a specific category or group of medical devices, identifying specific stakeholders to engage in spend initiatives.

·        Procedure cost-per-case analyses identify cost drivers and variation in device use by a physician down to the case level, and whether the evidence supports that variation.

·        Outcomes analyses help healthcare organizations determine if their outcomes data aligns with evidence, as well as how outcomes affect key financial metrics.

·        Physician impact analyses show financial impact of a physician changing their device utilization patterns. 

Impact includes: 

·        Lumere’s solution currently analyzes more than 100 procedures across eight procedure areas and will continue to expand its library of procedure cohorts.

·        Procedure analysis data includes total device cost per case for a given procedure and physician utilization of medical devices (individually and as compared to functionally similar products).

·        Analyses can be segmented by facility, procedure, vendor, product type and product brand.

·        Physician-level analytics map overall device utilization to outcomes data, including length of stay, OR time/cut-to-close, readmissions, as well as surgical site infection.

·        To date, more than 60 hospitals across the U.S. have employed Lumere’s physician-level analytics. 

According to Gartner’s “Invest in Supply Chain’s Alignment With Physicians to Improve Patient Care and Reduce Cost”, “supply chain leaders must determine, and invest in, the tools and resources that will arm physicians with the right information to make evidence-based and informed decisions. Medical device selection decisions that are made using incomplete or potentially biased information can increase risks to patient safety and/or care quality.” 

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