Suture management system now available to Intalere members

Aug. 28, 2019
No scrub tech assistance required

Group purchasing organization Intalere has announced a new agreement with Sharp Fluidics, LLC for its proprietary Operative Armour suture needle management system.  Through this agreement, Intalere members will receive negotiated pricing on the system which will improve operating room safety and workflows.

The Operative Armour System enables surgeons to self-dispense and self-secure their own suture needles without scrub tech assistance, minimizing exposure to contaminated suture needles and improving OR efficiency. 

By eliminating the handling and passage of exposed contaminated suture needles between OR staff, the potential for needle sticks and dropped needles is greatly reduced. The scrub tech, being freed from the closure process, can now perform uninterrupted counts and assist others to reduce OR turnover time. 

The Operative Armour System features a proprietary Needle Trap that enables dispensing and safe securement of multiple suture needles in a transparent housing that allows for easy visual needle count reconciliation. The Needle Trap is compatible with off-the-shelf suture needles and can be attached to a surgeon’s forearm or wrist or mounted on the surgical drape.