Intermountain Healthcare to expand its relationship with Vizient, now as a GPO member

Nov. 6, 2020

Vizient, Inc. announced that Intermountain Healthcare will be expanding its relationship with Vizient beyond its current utilization of Vizient’s analytic tools to now include accessing Vizient’s group purchasing organization (GPO) portfolio.

Intermountain Healthcare already uses Vizient’s Clinical Data Base and Operational Data Base analytics to align cost and quality decisions, engage physicians in utilization and supply choices, and improve outcomes. Intermountain will now use Vizient’s GPO portfolio for purchasing with the expectation of a decrease in current supply costs. They have the opportunity to join Vizient’s pharmacy program, including the company’s Novaplus private label program, to reduce pharmacy expenses and minimize the impact of drug shortages on their enterprise.

“We are excited to welcome Intermountain Healthcare to Vizient and begin helping them meet their goal of driving cost savings as well as further improving the quality of care for the patients they serve,” said Byron Jobe, president and chief executive officer for Vizient. “We look forward to partnering with one of the nation’s healthcare leaders.”

“Both organizations have a common goal of providing patients access to high-quality care at the most affordable cost,” said Bert Zimmerli, chief financial officer and executive vice president of Intermountain. “We look forward to continuing the development of our relationship towards the fulfillment of this goal.”

Intermountain is joining Vizient in conjunction with the planned acquisition of Intalere, which is anticipated to close during Q1 2021, pending standard regulatory review.

Vizient, Inc. has the release.