Robotic process automation for healthcare billing launched

Jan. 28, 2020

OnQ announced the launch of its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) products and services. OnQ’s scalable RPA solutions work to improve quality, create efficiencies and simplify processes in medical billing.

“We’ve broken new ground in applying robotic technology to the healthcare billing industry,” explains OnQ CEO Jack McBride. “By automating repetitive tasks, we have greatly increased efficiency and freed up employees for more meaningful work. Our unique position enables us to rapidly develop, deploy and scale RPA solutions that produce better results at a lower cost than outsourced labor.”

OnQ boosted its development team to 15 and is executing a plan and infrastructure to add 60 more within the next 18 months. OnQ has deployed RPA technology within its core business operations and now offers automation as a stand-alone service complementing call center and BPO.

Automated process capabilities include reading and writing to databases; moving files and folders; scraping relevant data from the web; extracting content from documents; making calculations; and opening emails and attachments. These tasks are being applied to accounts receivable, denial management and payment posting with aggressive plans to continue automating the revenue cycle.

“OnQ’s new technology has been an excellent addition for our organization,” said Karen Thompson, Vice President of RCM for US Radiology Specialists, Inc. “Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has reduced our costs while also improving the quality of our results. We’re excited to rapidly expand OnQ’s BOT technology throughout our revenue cycle process.”

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