Resilinc announces launch of The Exchange for critical supply items

March 31, 2020

Resilinc announced the launch of The Exchange at Resilinc, an online platform for the healthcare industry, where procurement groups interact with vetted peer organizations to identify, locate and exchange critical supply items.

Each organization can list items they need and offer those they can spare in exchange. As the platform begins its rollout in mid-April, hospitals and first line healthcare providers experiencing supply shortages can submit requests for specific items and be matched with peer organizations who can supply those items.

For a myriad of reasons, shortages occur across critical product categories. The COVID-19 pandemic is an especially relevant example where specific products are known to be in short supply. In collaboration with hospitals and other healthcare organizations, The Exchange at Resilinc provides the tools needed to help streamline supply shortage needs, allowing the healthcare community to respond to patient needs faster, more efficiently and at less cost.

To help fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Resilinc, Stanford Health Care, UPS, and Premier, Inc., have partnered to create The Exchange at Resilinc, a cloud-based platform created exclusively for hospitals to identify, locate and exchange critical medical supplies due to inventory imbalances.

For example, a hospital can list N95 masks they need and offer medical gowns they can spare in exchange. Using a single online platform, hospitals can locate and trade the items they need and have the packages shipped at the same time. This helps reduce inventory shortages of medical supplies that are critically needed in areas of the U.S. where patients are facing severe symptoms from the coronavirus.

The Exchange at Resilinc also allows medical distributors, businesses and procurement organizations to donate medical supplies and match them directly to hospitals or healthcare organizations in need of certain items.

Resilinc has been building the platform since January in collaboration with senior executives Amanda Chawla of Stanford Healthcare and Chaun Powell of Premier Inc. The platform is based on the Resilinc technology in use by more than 90,000 supply chain organizations around the globe.

The Exchange at Resilinc is not an e-commerce site. There are no cash or credit card transactions involved in the trades. The Exchange allows participants to facilitate a more seamless collaboration across a wider range of participating hospitals than what can be accomplished by manual efforts. Resilinc’s transparent and collaborative ecosystem will allow an entire network to respond in order to meet patient needs faster and to help save lives. Resilinc is on track to register more than 2,000 hospitals and healthcare organizations by the end of April.

Resilinc has also partnered with UPS to provide a streamlined package delivery service through the exchange platform. However, any delivery service can be used. Resilinc hopes to expand the service globally this summer.

The Resilinc webinar has more information.

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