SupplyCopia offers tool to help healthcare providers calculate days of supplies on-hand

April 14, 2020

After receiving requests from healthcare provider organizations to help determine how many days of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies they had remaining, the SupplyCopia team partnered with industry experts to launch an online automated assessment tool. This new tool is now live and will be available for free to healthcare provider organizations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The online assessment tool allows a representative of a provider organization to input the current level of supplies in various areas of their organization, including: 

· Current COVID-19 patients

· Peak patients and peak date (calculated from the CHIME model)

· Warehouses

· Storage areas, rooms and cabinets

· Specific floors or departments

· Items issued to patients, staff, emergency responders, and others

· The anticipated date and number of supplies within expected shipments 

The representative is guided through responses needed to estimate anticipated cases and current usage patterns, laying the foundation of estimated need. The tool returns an immediate estimate of days of supply currently on-hand, to help the organization estimate their upcoming need and proactively work to address supply shortages. 

Dale Locklair, Senior Vice President Planning & Facilities Management Group at McLeod Health, said “Proactively identifying on-hand inventory and understanding the timing of exhausting current resources is always vitally important, but never more than during the COVID-19 outbreak.” 

“The team at SupplyCopia is committed to the task of improving data, analytics and visualization tools to help healthcare providers, and this week, we quickly deployed our data scientists to take on this challenge,” said Ashok Muttin, CEO, SupplyCopia. “With input from key industry thought leaders, our team quickly created this tool to help provider organizations assess critical on-hand inventory. The tool is available for use by providers throughout the world.” 

The tool is available now and will be supported throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. 

SupplyCopia has the tool

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