Laboratories deploy tele-diagnostics with Philips during the COVID-19 pandemic

Dec. 2, 2020

Royal Philips announced pathology laboratories across North America, Europe, and Asia have implemented full digitization for their histology samples based on the Philips Digital Pathology scanner and imaging-informatics solutions.

Digital images are required to unlock the potential of digital pathology. Remote reviewing of pathological cases is essential to prevent delay in critical patient diagnosis and care, particularly during COVID-19.

During the pandemic, many pathologists, oncologists, and radiologists continued their work from home. This created an unprecedented need for home workstations and secure clinical informatics solutions allowing clinicians to read images remotely and enabling real-time virtual collaboration between their multi-disciplinary care teams. Pre-COVID-19, pathology labs that digitized their workflows across different sites reported improved collaboration and an average productivity gain of 21 percent.

Philips’ solutions for oncology and digital pathology can help transform and enhance the multi-disciplinary workflows, including the oncology tumor board and care pathways process. Critical patient data is integrated for both oncologists, radiologists and pathologists, allowing them to collaborate efficiently, even when working remotely. The Philips platform supports streamlined preparation, enhances review and analysis, and empowers the cancer care team to reach clinical treatment decisions based on disease-specific dashboards, diagnostic images, reports, and structured patient data.   

Philips has the release.

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