Vaccine storage temperature monitoring system preserves product integrity

Feb. 9, 2021

Emerson announced the introduction of its Lumity wireless data logger, which provides healthcare organizations with reliable vaccine temperature monitoring while enabling companies to meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements electronically.

Modern vaccination efforts call for complete and accurate vaccine storage monitoring solutions to provide tracking and visibility into vaccine effectiveness and potency.

“This new logger provides features and data insights consistent with certain CDC guidelines to help give healthcare providers accurate vaccine storage with rapid data access and extensive record keeping,” said Chris Ashbaugh, head of healthcare for Emerson. “This technology plays a critical role in the pharmaceutical cold chain, operating behind the scenes to help protect medication and the people who rely on it. Having real-time data across the cold chain helps organizations to meet shifting reporting requirements in a highly regulated industry.”

The Lumity wireless data logger is a TempTrak transmitter with an onboard digital data logger, with product features recommended for compliance with certain Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines regarding vaccine storage in healthcare, including vaccines for children (VFC) guidelines based on the Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit (updated 11/20).

The logger can display current, minimum and maximum temperatures. Audible alarms will sound for out-of-range temperature readings. The device has the capability to stores up to 32,000 data readings. It can easily provide data retrieval without additional hardware or cloud software. Bluetooth capabilities allow professionals to gather temperature data with little effort with no Wi-Fi connectivity required.

The Lumity wireless data logger can function independently for vaccine storage or work alongside any TempTrak equipment.

Emerson has the release.

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