Vizient focuses on its supplies ‘born in the USA’

April 21, 2022

Vizient, Inc. announced a new program to enhance supply assurance for its member healthcare providers by improving visibility of domestic manufacturing in its contract portfolio.

The Made in the U.S.A. program identifies products manufactured domestically, providing a way for Vizient members to mitigate against international supply disruptions.

The program will collect data across all product categories for manufacturing that is completed in the U.S. with an initial focus on critical categories, such as personal protective equipment. Vizient members will be able to quickly identify products made in the U.S. within the Vizient catalog, and eligible suppliers will receive new opportunities to showcase their domestically manufactured products.

“Vizient members have been asking for a way to identify domestic products as they strategize short term supply solutions and emerge stronger than before the global pandemic,” said Cristina Indiveri, associate vice president, strategic programs and contract services. “Domestic manufacturing provides back-up sources and diversified product availability, bolstering provider confidence in their supply chains.”

The Made in the U.S.A. program is the latest in a series of strategic moves by Vizient to shore up supply assurance. Last year the Vizient Innovative Technology Exchange, which showcases the latest in healthcare technology, included a special section spotlighting contracted suppliers whose products are made in the U.S.

In 2019, Vizient launched its Novaplus Enhanced Supply (NES) Program in which contracted suppliers provide additional inventory of essential medications to mitigate disruptions and demand surge. By October 2021, the program had added 100 million units of essential medications to the U.S. market.

NES, which entails domestic warehousing of contracted products to ensure supply, was later expanded to include essential supplies, such as PPE, thermometers, and exam gloves. Since then, Vizient has contracted with multiple suppliers to bring manufacturing or warehousing on or near shore. NES has guaranteed over 540 million units of PPE since the program expanded in 2020.

Other agreements include U.S.-based manufacturing of single- and dual-head stethoscopes, disposable gowns, bouffant caps and shoe covers. Another agreement brings domestic manufacturing for millions of N95 masks for Vizient members.

“More plans are underway to strengthen supply assurance,” said Indiveri. “From providers and manufacturers to suppliers and distributors, we are working with all industry stakeholders to help ensure a resilient and stable supply chain now and in the future.”

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