Capstone Health Alliance joins Healthcare Industry Resilience Collaborative

July 28, 2022

As one of the largest regional purchasing coalitions in the nation, Capstone Health Alliance announced it has joined the Healthcare Industry Resilience Collaborative (HIRC), a nonprofit health care supply chain association that champions standards and best practices in supply chain resiliency.

As a matter of care continuity, this provider-led and supplier-supported organization brings together key participants across healthcare to improve transparency and resilience in the supply chain.

Capstone Health Alliance represents nearly 300 hospitals and thousands of providers across the healthcare continuum of care and is committed to ensuring a reliable and agile supply chain. Becoming a member of HIRC is the latest in a series of investments and collaborative initiatives with distributors, providers, and manufacturers to continuously improve the healthcare supply chain and drive down cost so that members in the alliance can focus on patient care.

"Alongside HIRC we believe that our collective experiences will result in best practices that are actionable and meaningful in increasing supply chain transparency so that we don’t ever re-experience the challenges in supply shortages that we are still facing today, more than two years into the pandemic,” said Tim Bugg, President and CEO at Capstone Health Alliance. “Collaboration is key.”

Jesse Schafer, executive director at HIRC states, “We are proud to welcome Capstone Health Alliance as a collaborator in our mission to increase supply assurance. The Capstone team and membership will be invaluable in the exchange of ideas and best practices HIRC continues to develop and support.” HIRC’s focus areas include standardizing resiliency key performance indicators; creating a framework to measure resiliency attributes through score-carding; and increasing supply chain visibility for greater continuity of critical supplies.    

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