10 Steps to Take Your Humble Data From Disconnected and Disparate to Award Worthy

April 5, 2022

Take your data to a place it doesn’t normally get to go: straight to fueling smart, real-time decisions.

The absence of accurate data for decision-making has been healthcare’s legacy. So what’s the problem? For data to deliver insights and intelligence, it must be aggregated, digestible, comprehensible.

In this session, you’ll learn the 10 steps used to build a proven model  for data aggregation, using an industry platform that leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the know-how of supply chain and clinical experts from McLeod Health and SupplyCopia.

Together, this team created a new process that reimagined the way data is accessed, made consumable, and ultimately used in clinical and supply chain decision-making. They started with total joint replacement procedures as their model.

You’ll learn how these collaborators built a new foundation from existing internal data to create new physician processes, paths to standardization, and ultimately, a shared  dashboard of clinical outcomes, which gives them the power to “adjust the dials” and proactively understand the impact of change.

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