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April 15, 2020

As an equipment manufacturer, GE Healthcare understands that patient equipment maintenance, service, and uptime are key to providing high-quality patient care. But managing the service and repair of clinical equipment isn’t always that easy. Hospital schedules are often full, and purchasing departments and biomed teams are typically backlogged.

Service Shop from GE Healthcare helps to solve these problems. With instant access to parts, accessories, repairs and education resources for OEM and multi-vendor parts, Service Shop helps buyers and biomed teams save time and enhance workflow—by delivering what they need, when, and where they need it.

About GE Healthcare Service Shop

Service Shop gives GE Healthcare customers the freedom and flexibility to source parts, accessories, and supplies—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of equipment contracts.

Service Shop also provides:

  • Access to parts for diagnostic imaging devices from other vendors
  • Refurbished GE Healthcare and multi-vendor parts
  • Assurance that all parts are factory-checked, certified, and backed by GE Healthcare warranty
  • Complete equipment and parts repair solutions as well as educational resources

Save time with Service Shop

Regional locations for quicker part delivery
Service Shop delivers an impressive 97.7% on-time delivery rate1 with 38 part centers located throughout the U.S. 

Next-day delivery
Available next-day delivery and next-day shipping allow us to get our customers the parts they need quickly. 

Multi-vendor selection
Patient care depends on a vast array of quality equipment. Service Shop gives customers access to $1.5 billion in parts: including new, certified GoldSeal™, repair/exchange and multi-vendor. Plus, it’s all in stock, ready to ship. 

Customer Support
When it comes to customer support, Service Shop’s dedicated Part Experts interact with 200,000 customers annually and are available to answer your questions.

Save money with Service Shop
As an OEM, GE Healthcare takes pride in the fact that Service Shop parts are rigorously tested for quality and reliability and backed by warranty. In addition to new parts, GE Healthcare Service Shop also offers GoldSeal™ refurbished parts that are tested and certified by GE Healthcare engineers—giving customers budget-conscious options. Receive discounts and promotions throughout the year for orders placed online with Service Shop.

Getting started
It’s easy to get started using Service Shop. New customers must complete a simple registration form. Within 24 to 48 hours of completing the form, customers receive a welcome message with Service Shop login information. Once logged in, customers can set up and save multiple billing and shipping addresses, rather than entering them manually for each order. Customers can view past orders and simply click to order those same items again, or for frequently ordered supplies, customers can set up auto-reordering.  

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1.       For in-stock, FedEx shipped parts only. Delivery rate for parts outside of this specification may vary.