Healthmark launches new sterile processing products

Aug. 5, 2019
Flexible Inspection Scope and Latex Free Scissor Test now available
The Flexible Inspection Scope was added to their Prosys Optical Inspection product line, the FIS-006. Designed to inspect internal channels of 1.3mm in diameter or larger, the FIS-006 is used to visually inspect the internal channels of potentially soiled or damaged items. It has a distal tip composed of a light source and camera lens at the end of a graduated, black shaft that connects to the included control box, which allows for image capture and recording. The scope provides light, vision, magnification and the ability to document in hard-to-see lumens and crevices not visible to the unaided eye. The starter kit includes the FIS-006, the Windows PC software, USB cable, DVI to HDMI cable, and instruction book in a hard-sided carrying case.

The Latex Free Scissor Test has been added to the ProSys Instrument Care product line. Manufactured from synthetic elastomer, the tool is used to test the sharpness of scissors. The Latex Free Scissor Test is available in two rolls – yellow for testing scissor blades with lengths less than 4.5 inches and red for testing scissor blade lengths that are greater than 4.5 inches. Simply unroll to the desired length and make a minimum of two cuts in the test material, Healthmark explained. Begin by cutting at the middle part of the blade, cutting clearly through the tip. The scissors should cut all the way through to the top of the scissor without catching or snagging.

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Image courtesy of Kat Velez, LeeSar Regional Service Center, Fort Myers, FL, HPN’s 2017 SPD of the Year
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