Clinical educators in sterile processing added to the Key Surgical team

Jan. 10, 2020

Key Surgical announces the addition of clinical educators and sales representatives to serve the sterile processing, operating room, and endoscopy markets. The enhanced team supports the company’s long-standing focus on processes, procedures, and education in sterile processing while expanding into the markets of the operating room, and endoscopy.

The Key Surgical clinical education team is comprised of:

·        Brandon VanHee CRCST, CIS, CER, CHL, AGTS (Clinical Education Manager)

·         Jamie Zarembinski, CCSVP (Clinical Educator – Sterile Processing)

·         Michelle Lemmon, RN, BSN (Clinical Educator – Operating Room)

·         Natalie Reece, CCSVP (Clinical Educator – Endoscopy)

The clinical education team will focus on creation of learning materials and providing in-person education, based on industry standards guidelines, needed for technicians to either attain or maintain certification in their field.

Key Surgical has the announcement.

Image courtesy of Kat Velez, LeeSar Regional Service Center, Fort Myers, FL, HPN’s 2017 SPD of the Year
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