Current, future SP leaders must keep their skills sharp

Nov. 23, 2020
IAHCSMM’s fully revised Central Service Leadership Manual

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing and challenging Sterile Processing (SP) environment, those who are currently in leadership positions within the discipline — and those who wish to grow into those essential roles — need a solid foundation of knowledge to effectively tackle their many critical responsibilities, including staff recruitment, hiring, training and professional development; management of various resources and functions required for planning and day-to-day operations; compliance with regulations, standards and guidelines; and customer service and stakeholder interactions.

The International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management’s (IAHCSMM’s) updated third edition Central Service Leadership Manual will help build that knowledge base through a deeply expanded range of topics that cover key aspects of departmental management and leadership. The first section of the revised manual provides a comprehensive introduction on leadership and its core facets as they pertain to the SP discipline. Of course, SP leaders must also be technical specialists and possess a broad understanding of sterile processing science. The decisions they make and the processes they develop can literally result in life or death patient outcomes as well as staff safety issues.

“SP leaders must be well-rounded in their skills and abilities. They are the ones steering the direction of the department each day and they must not only understand the managerial aspects of the position, but also have a solid grip on all technical aspects, all while ensuring the team fully understands its role in patient care, safety and customer service delivery,” explained Natalie Lind, CRCST, IAHCSMM’s Director of Education. “The latest edition of the Central Service Leadership Manual helps leaders stay on top of those needs by broadening their knowledge scope to meet the department’s many needs and demands.”

The second section of the revised manual provides essential new technical and operational information on:
  • Safety and disaster preparedness;
  • Construction projects;
  • Work areas and workflow;
  • Instrument and information system management;
  • Soiled item processing systems;
  • Clean item assembly systems;
  • High-temperature and low-temperature sterilization;
  • Sterile storage and distribution systems; and
  • Purchasing and inventory management systems.

In addition to these expanded topics, the new-edition manual includes revised content on other previously published chapters, including maintaining collaborative relationships with the Operating Room and Infection Prevention; improving intra- and interdisciplinary communication; understanding the leader’s role in Human Resources; effective staff development and training systems; and much more.

“Leaders in Sterile Processing have incredibly demanding positions with a diverse set of responsibilities. Overcoming those workplace demands and pressures requires all SP leaders to marry their managerial, business and technical acumen to ensure their teams have the tools, resources, training and support to safely, effectively and consistently tackle their roles each day, even in the event of unforeseen challenges and disasters,” Lind continued.

The Central Service Leadership Manual is a useful resource for today’s SP leaders wishing to learn new information and brush up on previously learned topics, and it also serves as a valuable tool to help leaders navigate on-job challenges and prepare management training sessions for their team members. Beyond that, the manual can help guide others within the department who express an interest in preparing for a leadership position.

To order the new edition manual, visit IAHCSMM member rates are as follows: $150 for the boxed course [a key preparation tool for those studying to become a Certified Healthcare Leader (CHL). The box set includes one textbook and one workbook. ($180 non-members)]; $110 for the textbook only ($135 non-members); and $65 for workbook only ($75 non-members). A 15% discount will be offered on online orders received by Dec. 31, 2020 (using discount code: Leader2020).

Note: The CHL exam has been cross-referenced to both the second and third edition Central Service Leadership Manual; however, moving forward, IAHCSMM will only be selling the third edition materials.

About the Author

Julie E. Williamson

Julie Williamson is the  IAHCSMM Communications Director.