Symmetry Surgical debuts new addition to Sharp Kerrison® portfolio at IAHCSMM

April 30, 2019

Symmetry Surgical, Inc., a provider of surgical instrumentation and solutions for all specialties and sites of care, has added another product to its Symmetry Sharp Kerrison® portfolio for sterile processing professionals. Demonstrated during the IAHCSMM Annual Conference and Expo in Anneheim, CA, April 28 to May 1, the RapidClean® handle makes instrument cleaning and inspection easier and faster for technicians to complete.

In its press release, the company says the Symmetry Sharp Kerrison® line solves common clinician complaints, namely dull Kerrisons, because of the product’s detachable, single-use tips, which ensure a sharp tip every time. The new RapidClean® handle's convenient hinge design opens easily for cleaning, inspection and lubrication while also eliminating the risk of misplacing pieces during processing.

“The assembled Kerrison is designed to provide clinicians with a productive bite every time – minimizing the risk of dural tears, reducing hand and arm fatigue and decreasing the number of trays in the operating room,” states the company’s press announcement.

Available in five, six and seven-inch sizes, the RapidClean® Symmetry Sharp Kerrison® handles pair with two-inch, single-use tips that are available in eight varieties: one, two, three- and four-millimeter tips in both standard and thin footplates. 

Symmetry says it is also showcasing its comprehensive instrument and sterilization portfolio as well as its expanded Energy Solution, featuring Bovie® and Olsen® portfolios of generators, smoke evacuation products, grounding pads, electrodes, cauteries, bipolar and monopolar forceps, micro needles and accessories.