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July 23, 2019
Eligibility survey on disparity in pay between RNs & GPs, broken down by US state.

Medical professionals don’t earn the same wages in each state, and the number of registered nurses (RNs) and general practitioners (GPs) varies from state to state. There is a wide pay discrepancy for both RNs and GPs across states with a wide range in the number of people employed in these jobs. Considering state populations, some medical professionals may find their schedules fuller than RNs and GPs in other states.


per year is what the average RN earns in the U.S. and owes an average $30,000 for schooling


per year is what the average MD working as a GP earns in the U.S. and owes an average $190,000 for schooling.


is what the highest paid RNs earn. They work in California and make 46% less than what GPs earn in the same state. The highest pay gap is in Kansas at 75%.


is what the highest paid GPs earn. They work in New Jersey and make 69% more than RNs working in the same state.


RNs work in California, compared to 11,970 GPs. Wyoming is home to the fewest employed RNs at 5,010. That’s one RN for every 115 Wyomingites, compared to one for every 134 Californians.


GPs work in West Virginia, the state with the fewest employed GPs, which calculates to one GP for every 18,060 West Virginians. Florida has the most at 12,870, which means one GP per 1,655 Floridians.


is the average wage for South Dakota RNs, the lowest in the nation and 73% less than GPs in the same state earn.


is the average US worker’s wage.