Cervical biopsy blade replacement news

Aug. 6, 2019

With the discontinuation of the Beaver-Visitec Cervical Biopsy Blade (part number 379100), doctors looking for a suitable replacement can use the Swann-Morton Cervical Biopsy Blade (part number 01C), according to a news release from surgical product maker Cincinnati Surgical.

While the Swann-Morton 01C is a suitable replacement for the discontinued Beaver-Visitec blade it will NOT fit on the Beaver-Visitec handles, said the company, The Swann-Morton 01C will ONLY fit on a Swann-Morton Standard (07S) or Long (07L) Major Handle. It is important to note that the Beaver-Visitec and the Swann-Morton standard handle differ in length, 13cm and 11cm respectively.

This specialty Swann-Morton Blade is primarily used with the Long Stainless-Steel Major Handle (07L). With the cutting edge of the blade raised to a 30-degree angle to take a “cone” biopsy from the tissue in a woman’s cervix. This tissue is then analyzed to detect any presence of malignant and non-malignant cells.

Unlike the 4 per box of the Beaver-Visitec blade, the Swann Morton blade is packaged 10 per box. For help with replacement orders, a small cross reference chart is included below. Purchases of this blade can be made through distribution or from the Cincinnati Surgical website.