Coloplast launches ostomy care products for premature babies and kids

Aug. 22, 2019

Coloplast has announced the addition of two new products to the SenSura Mio family: SenSura Mio Baby and SenSura Mio Kids. The new products are designed specifically for premature babies and kids.

The SenSura Mio Baby products aim to provide longer wear time, as especially premature babies have sensitive skin, which needs as much peace and quiet as possible. The new products include a best practice guideline developed by pediatric stoma care nurses with solid experience with babies and kids living with a stoma.

While SenSura Mio, SenSura Mio Convex, and SenSura Mio Concave are designed to fit the individual shapes of adults with regular, inward, and outward body profiles, SenSura Mio Baby and SenSura Mio Kids are designed and developed especially for babies and kids.

“While it is uncommon for babies and kids to undergo stoma surgery, we want to make sure those who do have the best possible products. Despite it being difficult to create a great fit for the littlest of users, our latest products do just that,” says CEO Kristian Villumsen, Coloplast, in the statement.

Both SenSura Mio Baby and SenSura Mio Kids have won the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019. The 'Red Dot' is the award for high quality design, and the international jury grants this seal of quality to products that feature an innovative and outstanding design.

“With the star-shaped baseplate, SenSura Mio Kids is designed specifically for children’s round bellies. It is exciting to see the innovative SenSura Mio Baby and SenSura Mio Kids products being recognized for its design. I believe that these products successfully combine functionality and design – this is design with a purpose,” says SVP of Global Marketing Rasmus Hannemann, Coloplast.