June 2020 Fast Stats

May 25, 2020

The Strategic Marketplace Initiative (SMI) recently conducted a survey of their provider members to collect key information about the return to elective surgeries as they move into the recovery phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. SMI’s members are executives from providers and suppliers in the U.S., and they are on the front lines providing the critical supplies to help combat COVID-19. 


of the respondents answered they would be ready to resume elective cases in May/June, with 10% pushing that timeframe out to August.


selected orthopedic surgery #1 of the top 5 specialties they would start first, with cardiothoracic surgery #2 at 90%, and general surgery #3 at 70%.


said they would resume elective procedures in their ambulatory surgery center  and their hospital simultaneously.


anticipated resuming elective procedures in their ambulatory surgery center before starting procedures in the hospital.

75 to 100%

of hospitals who responded anticipate a gradual ramp-up in elective procedure volume, with volumes approaching or exceeding their pre-COVID-19 baseline by early 2021.


of hospitals anticipate return to baseline capital expenditure in 12 to 24 months. Capital investment in equipment has taken a significant downturn during the COVID crisis and the ramp-up to full capital spending will be slow.

You can find the results in the SMI COVID-19 Toolkit at SMI:  https://www.smisupplychain.com/tools