New ECTR Blade Assembly could save the OR up to $10,000 per surgeon/per year

Jan. 12, 2022

Hand Biomechanics Lab returns to the ECTR market segment with a new, drop-in replacement Disposable Blade Assembly for use with the 3M Agee Inside Job or MicroAire SmartRelease systems, according to their press release.

The new device is a transparent swap for the popular pistol-grip system that was developed by HBL founder, Dr. John Agee. Through a collaboration with the orthopedic division of 3M, Dr. Agee and 3M were first to market under patent in 1990. 3M eventually shut down their orthopedic division and the technology was purchased by MicroAire systems.

“We were first to develop and market this system, now we’re first to reduce the cost,” states Dustin Dequine, CFO of HBL. The New ECTR Blade Assembly works with the MicroAire or 3M systems available at many hospitals and surgery centers nationwide. “Our goal is to bring cost savings to this segment as we continue to work to improve patient outcomes,” said Mr. Dequine.

HBL sells the New Disposable Blade Assembly as a 6 pack for $545, about half of the current standard pricing. The current standard device sold in a 6 pack is priced around $1,140 according to the public, published pricing charged to the Veteran’s Administration. A typical surgeon performs 100 ECTR procedures annually, so HBL’s new device could save the facility as much as $10,000 per year.

Despite the lower cost, the new device is nothing short of the highest quality. The probe itself is injection molded from a medical grade high-performance semi-crystalline thermoplastic. Compared with the current “standard”, the new device offers increased stiffness for improved tactile feel and a wider viewing area with less instrumentation in the field of view for improved visibility of soft tissues.

HBL has designed and patented unique medical devices that have been sold in the US for more than 30 years. We continue to work toward the development of new products for the benefit of patient care.

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