TELA Bio launching new versions of hernia-repair device

Feb. 23, 2023

TELA Bio, Inc., a commercial-stage medical technology company focused on providing innovative technologies that optimize clinical outcomes by prioritizing the preservation and restoration of the patient’s own anatomy, has announced the launch of two additional, larger configurations of its OviTex LPR device. The new configurations are 15 x 20 cm and 15 x 25 cm ellipses designed for ventral and incisional hernias.

Initially commercialized in 2018, OviTex LPR is designed specifically for use in minimally invasive hernia repair procedures. Its low profile facilitates placement through robotic and laparoscopic ports, and it incorporates a smooth side for placement within the abdominal cavity adjacent to the viscera. The interwoven permanent suture provides long-term reinforcement, and the unique ovine derived tissue matrix facilitates functional tissue remodeling.

“Since inception, a key design principle for OviTex has been to provide a platform that can be used for all hernia indications and surgical techniques,” said Antony Koblish, President and CEO of TELA Bio. “OviTex LPR has gained exceptional adoption among surgeons using minimally invasive techniques and the new larger configurations will help drive broader utilization in robotic and laparoscopic procedures.”

OviTex is one of the few tissue-derived hernia reinforcement options that can be utilized successfully in robotic and laparoscopic hernia repairs. OviTex’s unique design and handling characteristics are optimized for these less invasive procedures and in the previous quarter, 40% of reported cases using OviTex were performed robotically and 20% were completed laparoscopically.

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