Baxter unveils new additions to surgical portfolios

April 6, 2023

Baxter International Inc., a leader in solutions to advance surgical innovation, unveiled multiple new additions to its surgical portfolios at the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) Global Surgical Conference & Expo 2023. These innovations included the launch of the new Baxter Patient Warming system, the unveiling of the Helux Pro Connected Surgical Light, and the launch of Floseal + Recothrom flowable hemostat.

“Baxter takes a holistic approach to help surgical care teams navigate dynamic operating environments, providing a full suite of OR solutions that support critical decisions for patient care,” said Andrew Frye, president, Patient Support Systems/Global Surgical Solutions and Enterprise Connectivity. “We’re eager to demonstrate how our diverse portfolio of products and services can support delivering great outcomes for patients and maximizing operating room workflow efficiency.”

Products featured at AORN 2023 included the commercial launch of a new conductive Baxter Patient Warming system designed to help achieve and maintain patient normothermia (body temperature within standard limits). The system eliminates the need for disposables, as the warming technology is built into the table pad, which can reach temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius. In addition, reusable conductive warming blankets can reach temperatures of 43 degrees Celsius and provide an increased surface warming area to help quickly warm from above and below. The system is also air-free, which may reduce risks associated with forced air systems —such as contamination of the surgical site—and operates quietly. This warming solution can also be combined with WaffleGrip, a positioning accessory that helps keep the patient warm and secure in the steep Trendelenburg position, in which a patient is tilted head-down at up to a 45-degree angle. The Baxter Patient Warming system is compatible with its TS7000, TS7000dV and PST 500 surgical tables. 

Baxter also revealed a first look at its  Helux Pro Connected Surgical Light, a wired lighting and camera solution for the operating room.  Helux Pro features deep cavity lighting, auto pattern assist technology, and a feature which helps eliminate unwanted shadows to provide consistent illumination during a surgical procedure. An included 4K camera offers ultra-high definition, reliable image capture. In addition, Helux Pro includes innovative safety features like sterile light controls and a soft exterior bumper to mitigate accidental damage.  Helux Pro is expected to launch later this quarter.

Baxter’s  Floseal + Recothrom is the first and only active flowable hemostat to use recombinant DNA technology. Floseal represents more than 20 years of leadership in hemostasis and has been proven to perform quickly and consistently across a range of bleeds in surgical procedures.  Floseal + Recothrom has a thrombin component manufactured using recombinant DNA technology, and therefore contains no human blood components and eliminates reliance on human blood donations. Together in a single product,  Floseal + Recothrom has the same simple preparation as Floseal + Human Thrombin but is more than 1.5 times faster to prepare, which may help improve operating room efficiency. 

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