Nemours Children’s Health Researchers to Present at World Congress

Aug. 24, 2023

Researchers from Nemours Children’s Health will present a range of studies at the World Congress of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, Aug. 27 – Sept. 1 in Washington D.C., the leading global conference in the field. Nemours Children’s presentations will highlight advances in complex congenital heart disease, prevention, cardiomyopathy in rare diseases, and the benefit of integration with other areas like psychology and telehealth.

"In pediatric cardiac surgery, the Nemours Children’s Cardiac Center has pioneered a number of procedures, and we are pleased to share our new findings with researchers and clinicians from around the world at this year’s World Congress,” said Christian Pizarro, MD, Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery for Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware, and Chair of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine for Nemours Children’s Health. 

“Cardiovascular disease remains a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in children, so there is a greater urgency to better understand the nuances and impact of these conditions in pediatric populations,” said Gul H. Dadlani, MD, Chief of Pediatric Cardiology at Nemours Children’s Hospital, Florida. “As children with cardiovascular disorders live longer and enjoy better quality of life, research is the way we will extend those gains.” 

Key presentations by Nemours Children’s researchers from a variety of pediatric cardiology specialties include the following:

·      Cardiovascular Disease Detected During Pre-Participation Sports ECG Screening: Cardiologists Dr. Dadlani and Zachary Boynton, MD, describe the prevention of sudden cardiac events in youth sports by adding an electrocardiogram to traditional sports screening to enhance the detection of hidden cardiovascular disease.

·       Atrophy and Fibrosis Are Predominant Features of Cardiomyopathy in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: Cardiologist Takeshi Tsuda, MD, will share his findings of unique qualities of cardiomyopathy in young teenagers with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which has not previously been well characterized.

·       Neurodevelopmental and Psychosocial Outcomes for Individuals and Families with Congenital Heart Disease: In an expert roundtable, Pediatric Psychologist Erica Dolores Sood, PhD, will discuss the overlapping neurodevelopmental, psychosocial and familial factors in individuals with congenital heart disease and needs in research, intervention and support to improve outcomes and quality of life for patients and families.

Other Nemours research presentations at the World Congress include:

·       Christian Pizarro, M.D.: “Surgical Implications When Considering Hybrid Therapies – Hybrid Approaches in 2023”

·       Carissa Baker-Smith, M.D., M.P.H., Director of Pediatric Preventive Cardiology, Nemours Children’s Health: “Understanding the Pathophysiology of Pediatric Primary Hypertension” and “Telehealth Is the New Answer to Preventing Premature Atherosclerotic Disease”

·       Deepika Thacker, M.D., Medical Director, Cardiac Inpatient Unit, Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware: “Identifying Barriers to Safe Discharge for High-Risk Patients with Congenital Heart Disease” and “Supervised Family Care: Ensuring Safe Discharge for the High-Risk Cardiac Patient”

·       Shubhika Srivastava, M.D., Chief of Cardiology, Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware: “CTA Is So Easy to Do: Should We Give Up on Scanning Veins and Arteries —Training the Next Generation of Imagers”

·       Lymphatics expert Deborah Rabinowitz, M.D., Chief of Interventional Radiology, Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware: “Pediatric Lymphatic Interventions in Cardiac Patients” 

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