B. Braun successfully integrates with TeleTracking

July 25, 2019

B. Braun Medical Inc. has announced the integration of their Space Infusion Pump Systems with TeleTracking Technologies, Inc.’s RTLS Asset Tracking solution.

Jonathan Stapley, Director of Marketing of Infusion Systems at B. Braun, said “This interoperability is designed to improve workflow and optimize pump utilization.”

The collaboration between B. Braun and TeleTracking follows IHE standards. A TeleTracking RTLS Asset Tag is attached to a Space Infusion Pump. B. Braun’s DoseTrac Infusion Management Software communicates with TeleTracking RTLS to provide pump status data; Infusing or Idle so that users know not only where a pump is located but also if it is available.

Jon Poshywak, VP & General Manager, Enabling Technologies of TeleTracking said, “By increasing efficiencies in the creation of a command center, we are finding the significant benefits of a centralized approach to patient flow,” Poshywak said.