Getinge and partners develop connectivity solutions for the quiet ICU of the future

Sept. 10, 2020

Getinge announced they are partnering on connectivity technology for creating a more quiet and healing environment for the intensive care unit (ICU). 

The modern ICU uses a large number of medical devices that generate independent alarms. Without coordination, this can result in a cacophony of alarms causing unnecessary anxiety for patients and their families. By distributing audible alarms outside patient rooms, ICUs will become calmer for patients, family members and provide caregivers a more efficient way of addressing alarms.  

“Our aim is to help hospitals make ICU bedsides quieter by safely moving the alarms outside patient rooms,” says David Pitts, Clinical SME, Integrated Therapy Solutions Getinge. “Distributing alarms to the right caregiver at the right time saves patients and their family members from worrying about alarm disturbances and improves the working conditions in stressful ICU environments.”  

The quiet ICU demo concept created by Getinge and its partners highlights the importance of establishing a standard for safely distributing and managing alarms between solutions provided by different medical device suppliers.  

“Instead of alarming separately at the patient’s bedside, each device is part of a network intended to coordinate and, if needed, escalate those alarms directly to the appropriate caregiver,” David Pitts explains.  

Getinge has the release