HPN’s inaugural Medical Device Hall of Fame & All-Stars opens voting

Sept. 21, 2020

Healthcare Purchasing News will hold its inaugural Medical Device Hall of Fame & All-Stars to give medical tools their rightful and well-earned due, profiling their “careers” and contributions to the community and society, as well as giving their manufacturers and supporters well-deserved props and shout-outs.

For decades during the last two centuries, a plethora of businesses and media have honored and recognized leaders, pioneers and visionaries in a variety of industries and market segments – from healthcare to music to professional sports to schools and universities. Few have recognized inanimate objects, save for such delightful curiosities as the National Toy Hall of Fame.

And while plenty of businesses and publications featured healthcare products – including medical/surgical devices and others – for marketing and promotional purposes – none has honored and recognized those leading, pioneering and visionary devices that clearly have left an indelible impression on the health, welfare and well-being of humanity. Until now.

While HPN believes this concept may raise eyebrows, we feel this mission and vision is appropriate and necessary, given the fact that we’ve covered the people, processes and products involved in supply chain management for more than four decades and counting. We reach and recognize the professionals who acquire and use this stuff so why not recognize the stuff they buy?

What makes a medical device worthy of Hall of Fame recognition and status? How the product helps clinicians to heal patients, how the product interacts with patients and for how long has it been in service capably, effectively, efficiently and reliably? No product – no matter how simple or how complex, how analog or how digital, how inexpensive or expensive – is off the table.

We’d like for you to help us determine Hall of Fame-worthy medical devices. We invite you to view the inaugural nominee list of 20 medical devices and vote for what you feel are the 10 standouts worth showcasing this year. This list remains flexible and fluid as those not voted in this year most likely will show up next year and in future years. Further, you may want to suggest medical devices for us to consider in future years.

After you vote for your “top 10” (but in no particular order), please share with us some thoughts of your reasoning. We’ll highlight those comments we feel are creative, heart-felt and the home run in justifying and validating these nominees.

We plan to feature mini profiles of these medical devices in HPN’s December 2020 edition.

But wait! There’s more! We also are following up our inaugural Medical Device Hall of Fame feature in December with our inaugural Medical Device All-Stars feature in January 2021.

What’s the difference? The Medical Device Hall of Fame honors products with career-spanning, lifetime achievement recognition; The Medical Device All-Stars celebrates and promotes products that are making a huge difference this year, right now and in the coming year. Choosing Medical Device All-Stars involves a similar voting format as the Medical Device Hall of Fame with one difference: You get to write-in a candidate for consideration.

Please note that HPN seeks to recognize legally marketed products and not inventor- and university-designed concepts that served as forerunners/precursors to actual marketed products. The deadline is Monday, October 5.

Got it? Ready? Complete your Medical Device Hall of Fame ballot and Medical Device All-Stars ballot at: https://appv2.sibylsurveys.com/s/Y6HpEWsTwBbWvfiDp/ZjHSJ2LMnB4b32PDf.