High-definition printer and workstation introduced

Sept. 29, 2020

Olympus announced the introduction of two new products, the OEP-6 high-definition printer and the WM-NP3 workstation, designed to enhance patient care in endoscopy and surgical imaging by improving procedural workflow.

The OEP-6 high-definition printer reproduces HDTV images to produce high-definition prints for endoscopist use during patient or colleague consults as well as detailed record-keeping. Its features and benefits include:

·        Fast Printing Output: Prints out a full-color image in just 29 seconds per sheet (A5 size), or 21 seconds in high-speed mode.

·         Digital Printing: Supports data input from PCs and other devices with a USB cable connection and is also compatible with wireless transmission in combination with the Sony UPA-WU10.

·         User-Friendly Interface Design: Front panel buttons and layout are designed to support workflow. A large LCD with simple icons facilitates setup and supports troubleshooting.

·         Optimized Color Parameters: Capable of producing prints that match the color quality of images displayed on the Olympus OEV262H monitor.

The WM-NP3 mobile workstation is designed to improve workflow for nursing staff. It features an increased loading capacity, while taking up less floor space and supporting an expanded range of accessories. Its features and benefits include:

·         Adjustable Monitor Arms: Two adjustable monitor arms to support a range of compatible monitors. Pan, tilt and swivel functionality provides a large range of motion on either arm, allowing the user to adjust the monitor for viewing.

·         Electrical Safety: Supplied with a separation transformer, and a central on/off switch allows all equipment to be powered up simultaneously.

·         Customizability: Dedicated accessories optimize system and procedural efficiency. Sixteen available accessories include the following 11 of new design: Consumable storage holder, suction jar holder, scope pole kit, Irrigation tube holder, drawer unit, sterile water holder, nurses control arm, side shelf, side handles and LED monitor arms.

·         Mobile Design: Ergonomically designed handles and twin-wheeled castors allow the workstation to be moved into the ideal location with ease.

·         Optimized Cable Management: Increased cable capacity and easier access to route and remove cables.

Olympus has the release.