PartsSource introduces access to the nation’s largest on-demand network of hospital equipment service providers

Oct. 23, 2020

PartsSource introduced the industry-first PartsSource On-Site Service solution to help ensure vital medical equipment is continuously operational and available for patient care. 

The solution empowers hospitals, for the first time, to solve equipment downtime issues with online access to an expansive pool of curated and credentialed repair and maintenance technicians, now available through the company’s evidence-based marketplace, PartsSource developed the network of over 1,000 pre-qualified service professionals by working with industry-leading engineers within its supply chain network and partnering with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and independent service providers (ISOs). 

Using the evidence-based PartsSource procurement platform, it can now take as little as 60 seconds to schedule expert service for imaging and biomedical equipment from reliable professionals who can deliver a broad range of services 24 hours a day, year-round. Services include same-day or next-day repair and preventive maintenance for imaging equipment including CT, MR, X-Ray, C-Arm, and Cath/Angio as well as general biomedical equipment such as beds, patient monitoring and respiratory equipment, or ongoing support for large installation projects. 

Hospitals have been asking for a solution like PartsSource On-Site Service to help solve what has become a high-risk shortage of internal and external resources for the service and repair of mission-critical medical equipment. The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) estimates that the healthcare industry is experiencing a shortage of at least 5,000 biomedical and imaging equipment technicians. PartsSource On-Site Service is designed to close that gap, redefine service, and exceed customer expectations.

“PartsSource has addressed the capacity of our team in a really ingenious way—by streamlining the service procurement process and merging it on the same digital platform we use every day to find and procure medical parts and minor equipment,” said Jon Kocurek, Director of Clinical Engineering at Dartmouth-Hitchcock. “This visibility is what hospitals need to increase awareness of opportunities to support internal capabilities and equipment uptime." 

PartsSource spent the last year carefully selecting and pre-approving the best service specialists across the United States to establish the service network. Now healthcare technology management (HTM) and clinical engineering teams can quickly locate and schedule the right specialists, with benefits that include:

·        Streamlined productivity: By providing a single, integrated platform for parts and services, the solution enables hospital HTM teams to request a service quote in less than 60 seconds and integrate field service reports within the organization’s CMMS and ERP systems.

·         Lower risk and expanded capacity: The industry’s largest on demand network of over 1,000 pre-qualified service specialists includes technicians certified on over 35 modalities. PartsSource On-Site Service is powered by the company’s patented PRECISION Procurement decision-support technology, so hospitals are always connected with the best service specialist for their specific needs.

·         Peace of mind, zero uncertainty: All service events are managed end-to-end and hospitals stay informed in real time. Additionally, all repairs are backed by warranty. Concierge services are also available for unique needs. 

“The launch of PartsSource On-Site Service represents the culmination of years of work responding to a simple question posed by our customers: ‘If you can bring us multiple options, in multiple conditions, across multiple vendors for parts, using the best clinical evidence, can you do the same for us in service?’ It turns out we can, and we have,” said Philip Settimi, MSE, MD, President and CEO of PartsSource. “By partnering with other industry leaders, we are redefining the way hospital medical equipment is serviced. We connect customers to a reliable, evidence-based network of pre-qualified service specialists so they can confidently get their critical equipment back in working order, stop worrying about improving uptime, and achieve better patient outcomes.” 

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