Ambu expands single-use endoscopy contracts with two U.S. GPOs

Feb. 8, 2021

Ambu Inc. announced that it has been granted national single-use endoscopy contract expansions with two major U.S. Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs).

With these expansions, Ambu is now on contract with all four major GPOs in the U.S. with either a full or partial portfolio of single-use endoscopy categories available for the customers that are served by the GPOs.

On one contract, Ambu’s aScope 4 Cysto has been added, while Ambu’s aScope Duodeno has been added on another. The expanded agreements strengthen Ambu’s position in single-use bronchoscopes, rhinolaryngoscopes, and now cystoscopes and duodenoscopes for the duration of the contracts.

The aScope 4 Cysto addition expands the single-use endoscopy category of an existing contract and will be effective immediately through November 2023. The expansion enables Ambu to more broadly serve 160 acute care hospitals in the U.S. and over 2,600 total sites across more than 20 states. This expanded agreement will further accelerate growth of Ambu’s share of the single-use endoscope market by giving those accounts pre-negotiated terms for Ambu’s bronchoscopy, rhinolaryngoscopy and cystoscopy products.

The aScope Duodeno addition to the existing contract with another major GPO, meanwhile, provides access to Ambu’s entire suite of single-use endoscopes and will be effective through February 2022. This enables Ambu to serve more than 50percent of the acute care hospitals in the U.S. This agreement will further accelerate Ambu’s rapidly expanding share of the single-use endoscope market by giving those accounts pre-negotiated terms for Ambu’s duodenoscopes.

In total, these contract expansions give 90 percent of U.S. hospitals access to Ambu’s complete line of single-use endoscopes; 98 percent of U.S. hospitals have access to Ambu’s rhinolaryngoscopes, bronchoscopes and cystoscopes. Three of the four major GPOs have now created specific single-use endoscope categories. 

By 2023, Ambu expects to introduce another 20 new devices across all major areas of endoscopy, including GI.

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