Partners to distribute AI-based post-surgical recovery monitoring

May 17, 2021

Nanowear announced a commercial distribution partnership with a reconstructive surgical device-manufacturer to enhance post-surgical recovery for patients and surgeons through Nanowear's SimpleSENSE platform using artificial intelligence (AI) for digital monitoring.

Gender-neutral and size-adjustable, Nanowear's SimpleSENSE platform effectively replaces the digital stethoscope, multi-channel electrocardiograph (ECG) monitor, capnogram respiration machine and blood pressure cuff by providing a diagnostic quality monitoring system that remotely captures and analyzes more than 100 million biomarker data points per patient per day, time synchronously assessing the heart, lungs, and upper vascular system. This multi-variant, all-in-one product enables a unique closed-loop A.I. neural network that continues to get smarter over time.

Nanowear completed a beta-rollout in late 2020 and early 2021 at three US-based plastic surgical sites, which utilize innovative devices to perform minimally invasive aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries.

With the increased need for telemedicine and remote diagnostic monitoring, SimpleSENSE provides a digital tool to assess continuous and synchronous clinical biomarker data and trends, empowering clinicians to treat patient problems earlier and more effectively. This platform has enabled Nanowear to commercially partner with a variety of specialty OEMs requiring data-driven remote diagnostics.

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