Kahuna Partners with Mayo Clinic to Enhance Nurse Education with Virtual Platform

June 4, 2024
Kahuna and Mayo Clinic will join forces to integrate a virtual platform for nurse education, combining Kahuna's competency management software with Mayo Clinic's TSAM Orientation Model.

Kahuna, a skills and competency management software, has entered into a partnership with Mayo Clinic to “deploy a virtual platform for enhanced nurse education materials.” Globe Newswire has the release.

Kahuna will be combining their competency management platform with Mayo Clinic’s TSAM Orientation Model. The TSAM Orientation Model allows “preceptees to learn and master tiers of skills alongside a preceptor in the clinical setting.” Preceptees are exposed to a full patient load from the beginning of their orientation. Studies have shown the model increases “nurse confidence, role satisfaction, and nurse retention.”

Adding Kahuna’s competency management platform is being done with the aim to “introduce a complete solution for organizations looking to digitize competency management,” according to Jai Shah, CEO of Kahuna.

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