AMSURG and CompEye Expand Partnership with Acquisition of Alta Rose Surgery Center in Las Vegas

June 20, 2024
AMSURG and Comprehensive EyeCare Partners have acquired Alta Rose Surgery Center, further expanding their collaboration in supporting outpatient surgery centers.

On June 18, AMSURG, an ambulatory surgery center management services company, and Comprehensive EyeCare Partners (CompEye), a vision care practice management organization, announced the acquisition of Alta Rose Surgery Center in Las Vegas, Nev.

A press release on the acquisition says that the “addition of Alta Rose Surgery Center expands the collaboration between AMSURG and CompEye, a partnership that now supports four outpatient surgery centers.”

“Alta Rose Surgery Center is a freestanding outpatient ophthalmology surgery center offering state-of-the-art cataract, refractive eye, laser vision correction surgery and other services,” the release adds.

AMSURG specializes in many areas of care, yet the organization has particular capability in eye health.

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