FUJIFILM partners with OpenMarkets to provide entire portfolio of minimally invasive surgical technologies

June 3, 2019

FUJIFILM New Development, U.S.A., Inc., provider of minimally invasive surgical solutions, is now an active supplier with OpenMarkets, a software-driven marketplace for healthcare equipment connecting healthcare professionals with healthcare solutions suppliers. Fujifilm’s entire portfolio of minimally invasive surgical technologies is now available to hundreds of hospitals and healthcare organizations through OpenMarkets' online marketplace.

Fujifilm’s complete range of minimally invasive systems and accessories are designed to meet the needs of surgeons across the clinical spectrum. Engineered to allow surgeries to be performed with less pain while reducing recovery times and improving outcomes, the following systems are now available via OpenMarkets:

Full High Definition Surgical Visualization System - Designed for a wide variety of surgical applications, this solution includes a portfolio of rigid surgical scopes, cameras and video processing systems. The camera includes optimized settings for various clinical specialties. The system’s Full HD Video Controller offers edge enhancement, automatic gain control (AGC) and dynamic contrast function. In addition, selective color enhancement, smoke reduction and grid removal features all enhance observation abilities. A High Power 200 LED Light Source allows the user to adjust the intensity of the light from 5-100 percent - providing operational efficiency and lowering power consumption.

Ultra-Slim Video Laparoscope System - Using a proprietary Super-Honeycomb CCD technology, the EL-580FN delivers exceptional image resolution, excellent color fidelity, and sharp display quality. Product features include “Chip on the Tip” high definition digital image processing, less-fogging, autoclave sterilization re-processing, and a low profile, lightweight ergonomic handle. The Ultra-Slim 3.8mm diameter distal end - 42 percent smaller area than most - was designed to improve clinical workflow, reduce physician fatigue, and potentially reduce the size of incisions. The EPX-4440FN Digital Video Processor System features advanced image HDTV 1080i processing technology to facilitate endoscopic diagnostics and therapies. Automatic light control provides optimal illumination and an anti-blur function extracts high quality motion images. The system also includes a High Definition Image with a 2 x digital zoom.