McLeod Health targets cost savings, accurate reimbursement with Surgical CAPD solution

Dec. 8, 2020

McLeod Health in Florence, SC deployed the Nuance Surgical Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) solution to ensure appropriate reimbursement while also saving surgeons time, reducing administrative burden, announced Nuance Communications, Inc.

McLeod had experienced canceled and delayed surgeries earlier this year due to COVID-19. The organization needed a solution that would help it maintain financial integrity and thus stability while setting a solid foundation for managing an influx of surgical patients as a result of the COVID-19 delays.

"Elective surgeries are high-volume procedures that account for a significant amount of revenue for our organization which is critical to enabling us to care for our community. When documentation isn't accurate and complete, it can result in billing delays, financial losses, and additional costs. We needed a way to improve the revenue cycle process," said Bryon K. Frost, MD, VP, and CMIO, McLeod Health.

McLeod was familiar with Nuance's speech solutions for front-end documentation capture. Two years ago, the organization transitioned to Nuance's cloud-based infrastructure Dragon Medical One and has close to 90 percent adoption among McLeod's physician network. Based on this success, McLeod chose to add Nuance Surgical CAPD to their existing Dragon Medical One platform.

The Nuance Surgical CAPD AI-powered, cloud-based solution guides surgeons through the documentation process in real-time by providing relevant, episodic, in-workflow guidance needed for accurate and complete reimbursement. It also automates repetitive tasks in real-time to increase the accuracy of operative notes and streamline clinical documentation and coding. Financial and operational outcomes are all carefully monitored and tracked with advanced analytics to drive adoption and success.

Nuance Communications, Inc. has the release.