Compact workstations for clinical space

June 16, 2021

Midmark Corp. announced two new compact workstation models to improve delivery of care.

The new models of 6215 workstations have 26 inches of height adjustment to support the height requirements of 95% of users in the clinical space. The new Compact Rectangular and Compact Kidney Workstations are ideal for smaller work areas and for wireless users who carry their laptop room to room yet need a work area in the exam space.

The workstations are designed to improve flexibility and efficiency, allowing providers to work from a variety of ergonomically correct positions while maintaining eye contact with patients.

The new models include:

·        6215-002 Compact Rectangular Workstation: 23.5″ W x 17.5″ D (top), 19.5″ D x 20.5″ W (base)

·         6215-003 Compact Kidney Workstation: 25″ W x 17″ D (top), 19.5″ D x 20.5″ W (base)

Both models are available with a variety of accessories and in 21 color selections.

Midmark has the release