Deadline approaches to nominate your team for the Healthcare Purchasing News CS/SPD Department Of The Year award

Jan. 6, 2022

Each year Healthcare Purchasing News recognizes and honors sterile processing leaders and their staffs for the dedicated team effort required to make central service successful with our annual CS/SPD Department of the Year award.  We strive to honor the many men and women working together on top-notch teams at noteworthy hospitals across the country in their CS/SPD departments. This years deadline to nominate your team is January 14, 2022.

How to nominate your team for HPN's next CS/SPD Department of the Year award

Entries will be judged on elements in the following 5 areas: Customer service - How the department has handled supply processing and distribution for internal customers, including the operating room and nursing floors. Productivity - How the department has increased output, improved service levels, and enhanced quality, cost savings, and patient benefits. Has use of technology helped contribute to productivity improvements? Teamwork - How well department staff members work together; how they work to make the department greater than the sum of its parts. Education and training - How well the department prepares staff members to do a safe, cost-effective, efficient job; how well it prepares members for career advancement. Strategic outlook - Does the department have a strategic plan? What does it entail? What are its elements of innovation, creativity, and originality?

Highlight as many specific, measurable achievements and goals met over the past year, as well as the department name, telephone number, number of full-time employees, scope of responsibilities, and number of beds at the facility. Submit to [email protected].

To qualify nominees MUST comply with the following rules:

Only nominations submitted exclusively and originally to HPN and not to any other publication or association awards for any aspect of CS/SPD, will be considered. If you plan to submit or have submitted your case study as a nomination to other organizations (in print or online) in addition to HPN, we ask that you make a choice between HPN and those other organizations.

All nominations must focus on team-driven contributions and results more heavily than outsourced/purchased services to consultants, distributors, GPOs, manufacturers and software companies. Basically, emphasize what your team has accomplished over what a third-party vendor did for you.

However, please share with us relevant details on how some of the supply and service partners (manufacturers, distributors, GPOs, software companies and consultants) have contributed to your group’s development, growth and success. What did each of these key vendor partners do for/with you that mattered? Brag about what makes them useful and how they help /have helped your team succeed.

All nominated organization must be willing to share information regarding surgical volumes, annual performance and production details including number of instruments processed.

Document your accomplishments and submit to [email protected].

Deadline: January 14, 2022.

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