Permanente Medicine Podcast recognized for excellence

Nov. 11, 2022

The Permanente Federation received a gold accolade for its Permanente Medicine Podcast from the judges of the Modern Healthcare 2022 Healthcare Marketing Impact Awards. The Federation represents the national interests of more than 23,000 physicians of the 8 Permanente Medical Groups of Kaiser Permanente.

The Permanente Medicine 2022 Season won the top honor for podcast campaign of the year in the provider/insurer category. This honor marks the second consecutive year the Federation won a Healthcare Marketing Impact Award. Last year, the organization received a Bronze Award for its #JustTheVaxx live chat and broader social media campaign encouraging COVID-19 vaccination. The Modern Healthcare awards recognize health care’s best marketing, advertising, and communication campaigns across all media platforms that advance the goals of health care organizations and promote individual and community health.

“The COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath revealed so much about the expertise and resilience of our physicians and clinicians, and the need to elevate their voices,” said Chris Grant, executive vice president and chief operating officer of The Permanente Federation, and founder and host of the podcast, which began in 2018. “This award underscores the importance of elevating those voices to deliver important information to their peers and to the public about how to address current challenges and prepare for the future of medicine and care delivery.”

The Permanente Medicine Podcast features both Permanente physicians and experts from the industry to discuss a range of hot topics, including the pandemic, social health, climate change, physician leadership, new technology, and medicine, and the intersection of sports and wellness. Such engaging, timely topics helped catapult the Permanente Medicine Podcast into the top 10 percent globally for its listen score, which indicates the estimated popularity of the podcast compared to other RSS-based public podcasts in the world.

“This honor highlights the importance of physician leadership, and the ongoing focus on medical excellence and population health that have made us a nationally recognized industry leader,” said Stephen Parodi, MD, the Federation’s executive vice president for External Affairs, Communications, and Brand.

The Permanente Medicine Podcast can be heard on a range of platforms. The 2022 season featured guests that included:

·        Dr. Parodi, who discussed moving from COVID-19 pandemic to endemic.

·         Colin Cave, MD, a general otolaryngologist and medical director of External Affairs, Government Relations, and Community Health at Northwest Permanente, who spoke about addressing climate change’s impacts on health.

·         Geeta Nayyar, MD, Salesforce senior vice president and chief medical officer, who discussed the intersection of information technology and health care.

·         Jason Brayley, MD, medical director for Sports Medicine for The Permanente Medical Group and chief of Sports Medicine for Kaiser Permanente in Sacramento, who also serves as the team doctor for the Sacramento Kings and co-director of Kaiser Permanente’s Sports Medicine Center in Sacramento. Dr. Brayley participated with Doug Christie, an NBA coach and former player, in a discussion about how sports medicine and wellness connect.

·         Bechara Choucair, MD, senior vice president and chief health officer, and David Grossman, MD, interim vice president for social and community health, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals, spoke about advancing health care in our communities.

Such podcasts illustrate how Permanente physician leaders are turning to new formats to deliver timely information to a broad audience that includes physicians, industry insiders, policymakers, cultural influencers, and those who are generally curious about health care.

“This year’s winners of Modern Healthcare’s Marketing Impact Awards excelled at finding creative ways to cut through the noise with messaging that was personal, educational, and frequently, a call to action,” said Mary Ellen Podmolik, editor of Modern Healthcare.

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