Intelerad’s Odyssey to accelerate AI adoption through workflow integration

Oct. 23, 2019

Intelerad Medical System, an enterprise workflow solution provider, has introduced Odyssey, its new AI-augmented workflow solution designed to encourage the adoption of artificial intelligence without the prohibitive costs usually associated with such programs.

The positive impact of artificial intelligence technology has been demonstrated in many fields, including radiology. Indeed, AI can help radiologists increase productivity, improve clinical decisions and, ultimately, provide high-quality care when the technology is tightly managed and smartly integrated in the workflow.

Odyssey harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and the technology behind the Intelerad worklist to offer an unparalleled workflow management solution, comprised of the clinical AI engine, powered by Zebra-med’s AI1 “all-in-one” bundle of FDA cleared AI applications. Connected via API, it analyzes the images and automatically returns the findings to the worklist, which then escalates the study to the radiologist’s attention.

“Odyssey will deliver state-of-the-art clinical AI solutions directly integrated into the radiologists’ natural workflow and tailored to the needs of individual organizations,” said Chris Wood, Chief Technology Officer at Intelerad. “With Zebra’s AI1, we are committed to providing a broad and growing portfolio of high-value, innovative technology solutions to our customers, and this unprecedented approach to artificial intelligence in radiology will extend our leadership position in workflow management.”

With Odyssey, Intelerad and Zebra are removing two critical barriers to AI accessibility: the prohibitive cost of AI platforms and the need for demonstrated impact prior to committing resources to AI. Through a pay-per-study model and by eliminating the high, upfront flat-fee models typically offered in the market, Intelerad intends to encourage AI adoption by healthcare service providers of all sizes. Therefore, for a limited time, Intelerad will subsidize and secure for its customers 12 months of trial use of the AI1 clinical algorithms.

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