Intalere expands cybersecurity resources for members

Dec. 12, 2019

Intalere announced new cybersecurity resources for members within their Operational Continuity and Emergency Management Program.

“We recognize that cybersecurity is an ever-increasing concern for members,” said Richard Mackey, Intalere Senior Vice President of Information Technology.  “We are expanding our resources to empower members to proactively guard against malicious cyberattacks and keep their patients’ data safe and secure, regardless of their size.”

Earlier this year, Intalere convened a Cybersecurity Advisory Board, comprised of Intalere members with distinguished industry experience and expertise, to identify cybersecurity needs, best practices and resources. The board includes:

·        Aaron Cartozian, IT Security Manager/ HIPAA Security Officer, Confluence Health

·         Bruce James, Director of Cybersecurity Architecture, Intermountain Healthcare

·         Jim Kelly, Information Security Officer, Samaritan Health

·         Mike Gregory, Information Security Officer, Community Foundation of Northwest Indiana

·         Kyle Ginney, Chief Information Security Officer, Virginia Mason Medical Center

Through the leadership of this group, Intalere’s Operational Continuity and Emergency Management Program has been enhanced with the addition of a new Cybersecurity offering that includes:

·         Educational Resources

·         Cyber insurance

·         Access to strength and vulnerabilities assessments

The company continues to build a new contract portfolio that will provide Intalere’s members with a spectrum of cybersecurity products and services. New contracts will be announced in 2020.

According to Mackey, a recent Wall Street Journal report found that smaller healthcare organizations can be at greater risk for cyberattacks because they generally lack the resources for robust security tools and may not have a dedicated cybersecurity specialist to monitor and patch their systems. “We want to be able to help these smaller providers, as well as all our members, separate hype from value and gain access to resources that can help them develop holistic and affordable cybersecurity programs.”

Intalere has the announcement.