New app for managing health during flu and cold season launched

Feb. 4, 2020

IQVIA announced the launch of the FluSTAR mobile application to help consumers understand and track flu and cold severity this winter. The FluSTAR app uses near real-time updates complied at, for current illness information for every ZIP code in the country, accessible from any mobile device.

FluSTAR data are gathered using non-identified patient information through several surveillance methods, including rapid assays, laboratory confirmation and clinical diagnosis records. This allows a regional and national picture of influenza activity to be generated.

The FluSTAR app provides a combined index based on all relevant conditions; flu, fever, cough and strep. The map also provides breakouts for each condition on the national and local level and is updated regularly with season progress. The FluSTAR symptom tracker also collects user feedback on the state of symptoms to further understand and track seasonal suffering’s impact.

The app is available in the Android, Apple or Windows stores.

IQVIA has the announcement.