AMA and Nuance to pilot technology to prevent physician burnout

March 5, 2020

Nuance Communications, Inc. and the American Medical Association (AMA) announced a strategic collaboration that will pilot test the combination of each organization’s respective technologies in an effort to reduce documentation burden that distracts from patient care and demoralizes highly-trained physicians.

The organizations’ mutual goal is to assess their respective innovative solutions that work in tandem with electronic health record (EHR) systems to prioritize time with patients rather than overload clinicians with data entry tasks. In particular, the collaboration will explore opportunities to optimize Nuance’s ACI solution working in tandem with IHMI’s clinical knowledge graph.

“Documentation overload interferes with patient care and contributes significantly to physician burnout. Our aim is to explore technology innovation that can reduce this burden and provide physicians more time with patients, not paperwork,” said AMA CEO James L. Madara, M.D. “By working together with Nuance to leverage the incredible potential of our combined expertise and resources, we can more effectively address a major contributing factor to physician burnout.”

“Our collaboration with the AMA is another key step toward solving one of the most difficult and high-priority problems facing all of healthcare today—the challenge of reducing physician and other caregiver burnout so that providers can refocus on the patient,” said Mark Benjamin, CEO Nuance. “It’s also a great example of how Nuance is continuing to combine AI-powered technical innovation, domain focus, and close collaboration with trusted partners like the AMA, Microsoft, and our EHR partners to deliver solutions from which we can all benefit.”

AMA has the announcement.