COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition launches decision support tool

May 29, 2020

The COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition – comprised of more than 900 healthcare organizations, technology firms and nonprofits – published the COVID-19 Decision Support Dashboard. This new tool synthesizes large amounts of complex, essential data into easy-to-use key findings for public and private-sector leaders navigating the “reopening” of communities and businesses. 

The dashboard provides a structured understanding of how a state or county is performing by adding red-yellow-green indicators for key areas. 

“As we progress on the journey to return to work in the absence of vaccine and proven cures for COVID-19, policymakers and business leaders need situational awareness that guides the reopening of our economy and nimble response if a second wave of pandemic returns," said Dr. John Halamka, president of the Mayo Clinic Platform and co-chair of the coalition. “Curated data presented in accessible visualizations that turn analytics into wisdom are essential guideposts.” 

Inspired by criteria outlined in the National Governors Association’s Roadmap to Recovery Report, this free, web-based dashboard displays COVID-19 virus reproduction rates, confirmed case growth and decline and mortality trends. State- and county-level data are reflected in simple visualizations, including maps and red-yellow-green stoplight indicators. The dashboard is driven by publicly available data from nearly a dozen trusted sources, including Kaiser Family Foundation, Johns Hopkins University and 

Governors, mayors and business leaders can customize their dashboards to display regional areas of interest, allowing comparisons and insights into how other locales are faring, and the implications of policy changes over time. 

“The real value of this data is its potential to inform and help guide the best possible decisions through these critical next phases of pandemic recovery,” said Dr. Jay Schnitzer, MITRE’s chief technology and medical officer and co-chair of the coalition. “Realizing that not everyone is an expert in interpreting public health data, the red-yellow-green icons provide a quick and easy way to track key metrics.” 

The COVID-19 Decision Support Dashboard is the latest tool released by the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition. Previous contributions have included the creation of the NPI Dashboard, issuing guidance for N95 respirator decontamination, assessments of 3D-printed masks, and helping Mayo Clinic launch and manage a national convalescent plasma trial. The 275 pandemic-related data sources and tools are available at 

HCC has the release.  

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