New online toolkit from C4UHC guides through credentialing process

Nov. 18, 2021

The Consortium for Universal Healthcare Credentialing (C4UHC), a not-for-profit national industry association comprised of healthcare industry providers, suppliers and other stakeholders, has developed a resource to help healthcare providers evaluate vendor credentialing organizations during an RFP process, according to their press release.

This question matrix is designed to assess an organization’s alignment with the new ANSI/NEMA SC 1-2020 American National Standard for Supplier Credentialing in Healthcare, which provides guidance to enable consistent, cost-effective and compliant credentialing of all representatives working in healthcare facilities in the United States.

The toolkit provides specific questions covering general alignment, data management, fees and payments, safety management, data platform functionality, implementation planning, and specific personally identifiable information, personal health information and health record collection methods.

For each question, the toolkit details the significance of the question for providers, suppliers and third-party organizations involved with the process.

Press release